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The Waddington Brothers are a true band of brothers with a musical style that transcends time, bringing listeners back to a place where music was more than just entertainment, but rather a way of life. The Waddington Brothers' sound is rooted in traditional bluegrass and gospel influences, combined with the sound of the West and their own sibling harmonies. The band consists of brothers Seth, Ethan, Jacob, and Job, and their music is a testament to the power of family and the deep connection that can exist between siblings. Watching them play together is like witnessing a conversation between four siblings who know each other inside and out. Each brother brings his own unique style and personality to the group, but they all work together, seamlessly blending family harmonies and intricate instrumentation that invites their listeners on a journey through the heart of America. Back to the time when friends and family gathered around pianos and assembled in churches and on porches, where the vocals and instruments provided genuine emotion and enjoyment. They evoke the memories of the West, and sing the plaintive songs of the ‘backwoods’ of Appalachia and do it honestly. They have been horseback, worked cattle, cut down trees, and followed the hounds on the trails of racoons, bears and mountain lions, so they know some of what they sing.

“We had The Waddington Brothers appear at the 16th Annual Lakes Bluegrass Festival and they greatly exceeded my expectations! The brother vocals are terrific and their musicianship is awesome. Our crowd especially enjoyed the addition of several “Cowboy” songs mixed into their sets along with the solid bluegrass. I believe we had more requests for them to come back than any other band, and that’s saying a lot! Oh, and they are really great people as well.  Highly Recommended.”



 ~Tim Roggenkamp, Entertainment Director

The Lakes Bluegrass Festival

Pine River, MN


The Old Home Town

Saving Up For A Sunny Day / Up 18 North

Meet the Waddington Brothers

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